Private Pub Crawl




Exploring the nightlife of a city can be tough as a foreigner, especially if you are an enthusiastic group of friends. Booking tables, checking out bars, everything is more complicated if you have a group! Not to mention, that the party-scene changes almost every month, and finding the best bars that local frequent can be a real challenge! Nobody likes to wander around aimlessly, and your sweet-sweet party buzz can die within minutes. Most of the guidebooks offer outdated info, while hostels and hotels often push their own business agenda, and miss out on offering the truly epic bars and pubs.

This is why pub crawls were invented! Led by a pro guide, you get to explore the best that Budapest has to offer! Ruin pubs? Done! Free welcome drinks? Why not! Awesome party nights! Most definitely yes!

The pros of choosing a pub crawl for New Year’s Eve

  • You get a lovely local guide (or guides with larger groups), who know the ins and outs of Budapest pub crawl scene!
  • A visit to several world famous ruin pubs, where you get special discounts throughout the night
  • Skipping queues and paying no entrance fee is a must on such a busy night, and New Year’s Eve Budapest guarantees this!

Private Pub Crawls were made for you if:

  • If you want all the pros of a regular pub crawl, but only want to share the experience with your mates!
  • If you like partying and drinking, Pub Crawl Budapest was made for you!

Book your private pub crawl tonight with New Year’s Eve Budapest and take part in highly personalized pub crawl experience, making your night a memorable adventure! Share a night with your mates and explore the rich nightlife of Budapest

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