Escape Room




Escape rooms are the latest craze all over the world, and it is a little known fact that they started their journey here, in Budapest! Challenge your problem solving skills and try one of our escape rooms! Now is your time to shine with Escape Room Budapest!

With our quality, critically acclaimed and carefully designed escape rooms you will surely be facing a real puzzle! Team up with your friends and get ready to escape - you only have sixty minutes to find clues and solve riddles!

All rooms have professional, well-crafted designs! There are no scare jumps involved in our escape rooms, and you have a professional game-master available, if you ever get stuck!

Escape rooms are ideal for curing your New Year’s Eve Budapest party hangover, or maybe getting your brain cells in gear before the big night-out! Book your escape room adventures well in advance to ensure availability!

Available rooms for selection:

  • Nautilus
  • The Maya Empire

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