Bubble Football




Transfer (+10€ / person)


Bubble football is the latest adventure in Budapest, and deservedly so. Who would have thought that getting into huge bubbly donuts would be so fun - come to think of it, who would have thought it not being fun? The idea of bouncing about, kicking a ball and having morbidly tons of fun is as elemental as a child playing in the sun. Simple, giggling mindless joy!

Bubble football is the ideal pre-evening activity for small groups, friends, and even team buildings. Book your New Year’s Eve Budapest event now in order to ensure availability.

What do you get for your money?

Book your bubble footballing match, if you feel like these things matter to you:

  • Bubble football counts as activity: yes, you do get to bounce around, but it involves some running around too!
  • It is perfectly safe, the Gamemaster inspects the equipment

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